HEZZALUX has created the first "fully padded" high heel (patent-pending USPTO). We spent 3.5 years in researching, engineering, developing and testing. Our high heels are not manufactured like other designer high heels. We created custom lasts and midsoles. Our heels are unique and extremely comfortable! 

HEZZALUX high heels are made with high quality materials - grade A patent leather (patent leather is more durable), ABS heel and heel tip (lasts longer), microfibre lining (anti-microbial & absorbs sweat/odor), stitch and turn stitching in upper (hidden stitching for comfort), anti-slip, and the luxe cushioning we use in the ENTIRE INSIDE of our high heels, including the insole, is durable and resilient!


It's not about us...It's ALL about YOU!

Do you try on several pair of your heels to determine the least uncomfortable? Have you ever regretted wearing the heels you chose before you even arrive at your destination? Do you dread cocktail socials because there’s no seating? (Oh, the foot pain ahead!) Have you begrudgingly had to carry your heels and go barefoot? Do you slip your heels off in between meetings or any chance you get? Have you gone home early because your feet were in excruciating pain? Have you resorted to wearing flats? Have you woken up with painful, blistered feet or toes? Have you tried padded inserts, but they still don’t help? When you admire your collection of high heels do you think, “I’ve worn the majority of my heels once - sadly, I won’t wear them again.” (You're not the only one!) Would you like to stop wasting money on high heels that cause pain and only collect dust in your shoe-drobe?

We understand your pain and frustration and we designed your comfortable "go-to-heels" just for you. We can't wait to see them on you!

Get ready to STEP into the luxuriously comfortable world of HEZZALUX.

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