HEZZALUX has created the first "fully padded" high heel EVER in the world (patent-pending USPTO). We spent 3.5 years in researching, engineering, developing and testing. Our high heels are not made like standard/other designer high heels. Ours are unique and extremely comfortable! 

HEZZALUX high heels are made with high quality materials - grade A patent leather (patent leather is more durable), ABS heel and heel tip (lasts longer), microfibre lining (anti-microbial & absorbs sweat/odor), stitch and turn stitching in upper (hidden stitching for comfort), anti-slip, and the luxurious padding we use throughout the ENTIRE INSIDE of our high heels including the insole is durable and resilient!


It's not about us...It's ALL about YOU!

You dream of walking into a store to find the perfect high heel. The high heel that makes you feel taller, stand straighter with confidence, feel like the empowered woman that you are. It’s high quality, well-made and designer without the high price and it’s the right style and heel height. You don't need to add padded inserts, your foot doesn't slip out of it, it is slip resistant, and you don’t feel pain when wearing it. You can wear it with jeans and a t-shirt, a sophisticated suit, or a beautiful dress. It’s your go-to high heel. You keep searching and wondering "why doesn’t this high heel exist, why can't I find it!?"  

We understood your pain and frustration and we made your "go-to-heels" just for you. We can't wait to see them on you!

Get ready to STEP into the luxuriously comfortable world of HEZZALUX...

HEZZALUX high heels. Luxury cushion-lined stilettos that are extremely comfortable.


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