My name is Hether Horan - the Inventor & Founder of HEZZALUX.

I worked in the corporate and not-for-profit world for over 24 years wearing suits with uncomfortable yet expensive high heels that I could never make comfortable enough. I'd slip my heels off any chance I'd get (under my desk, under the conference room table during meetings, etc). Like most women, I had to just grin and bear it - deal with being in pain and trying to convince my feet to get back into the high heels and just walk (some days it was very hard to do).

I purchased many different types/brands of inserts (that were supposed to make high heels more comfortable) but they didn't (there's only so much room in a shoe!). I have a closet full of beautiful high heels I would love to wear but I can't because they are just too uncomfortable. When I think about all the money I have spent and wasted...ugggg! Luckily, my husband doesn't know the true cost!

I have spent the last few years researching, developing, designing, engineering, convincing technicians that a beautiful fully padded high heel can be created. We wear testing our high heels with women of all ages. I personally wear tested our high heels to ensure they met my high standards. 

I set out to create extremely comfortable yet stylish designer high heels by combining my patent-pending (fully padded heeled shoe) along with quality materials and craftsmanship.

What I ended up creating is the "ULTIMATE" high heel.

HEZZALUX high heels encompass, all of what women want - truly luxurious, comfortable, high quality, gorgeous, designer high heels.

Our high heels are made with built-in padding that envelops the entire foot providing extreme comfort. The entire inside of the high heel are padded with a resilient, durable, top of the line, odour and mould resistant material (shhhh it's a secret). Our insole has a combination of 6mm, 9mm and 3mm thick padding (pure heaven!). We use microfibre for the lining in the upper as well as the insole which is ideal for keeping sweat away from the feet and it is anti-microbial.

We use high grade leather in all areas of our high heels (upper, lining, heel and undersole). We even added a slip resistant piece to the bottom of our heels and an ABS heel tip that will last longer than most. We offer average and wide as well as half and full sizes - why? It's the only way to get the best and most comfortable fit.

We focused on taking all the pain points and irritants of high heels into consideration to make the "ultimate" high heel and it's finally passed all the tests! 

No more pain and no more wasted high heel purchases ladies. I can hear the cheers now! That's just one of the many reasons why it's not about us...it's all about YOU!

Get ready to STEP into the luxuriously comfortable world of HEZZALUX...

We have 7 other styles (just as comfortable as The Heidi) already wear tested and waiting to appear. However, we're starting out small and trying to be smart so we can literally run our high heels off by 2020! We have a few other exciting tricks up our heels that are to die for too!

Please be patient with us while we grow.

Sincerely (With Pure Comfort & Joy),